He was, when it was aught

He was, when it was aught
He would still be, even if it might have been naught Drowned I am in my ego
What would have happened if ‘I’ was not Laden with distraught and feeling apathetic
do I have to worry about the head being severed If it did not severe from the body
The head would have simply reposed on the lap It has been ages that ‘Ghalib’ died
Yet the memories linger on
His saying this on every occasion
If it was ‘like this’ then what it would be!
Mirza Ghalib


I wish to go and dwell, In such a place,
Where there’s no one else.
No one to understand my speech, No one around to talk with,
There, I want to reach.

I wish to build, One such house,
Without a door to enter, Without the boundary walls,
Thus there will be no neighbours, And there will be no guard.

There will be no one thus, To take care of me,
When I will fell ill.
And there will be no one, To mourn or cry,
When I will die.
Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib

एक ही विषय पर 5 महान शायरों का नजरिया….

1- Mirza Ghalib :
“शराब पीने दे मस्जिद में बैठ कर, या वो जगह बता जहाँ ख़ुदा नहीं।”

2- Iqbal
“मस्जिद ख़ुदा का घर है, पीने की जगह नहीं , काफिर के दिल में जा, वहाँ ख़ुदा नहीं।”

3- Ahmad Faraz
“काफिर के दिल से आया हूँ मैं ये देख कर, खुदा मौजूद है वहाँ, पर उसे पता नहीं।”

4- Wasi
“खुदा तो मौजूद दुनिया में हर जगह है, तू जन्नत में जा वहाँ पीना मना नहीं।”

5- Saqi
“पीता हूँ ग़म-ए-दुनिया भुलाने के लिए,
जन्नत में कौन सा ग़म है इसलिए वहाँ पीने में मजा नही।”